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Qwikmix™ products are factory made quality controlled mixtures of sand, binders and additives which can be used at the site by just adding water. Qwikmix™ mortars typically contain special additives which lower the mortar density and also helps to significantly improve the application properties. Qwikmix™ mortars can provide better yield and thus better coverage compared to a standard site mix mortar, meaning material consumption will be less as compared to a standard site mix mortar.

The three key aspects of Qwikmix™ are Quality, Efficiency and Sustainability.

Quality - The quality and consistency of the Qwikmix™ mortars which helps ensure trouble free installation and excellent finishes, contributing to improved living quality. Qwikmix™ mortars are manufactured in plant which are automated good process control. This helps ensure proper weighing and charging of various raw materials and additives and enables homogeneous mixing. Typically, quality control is done for every batch of dry mortar produced, meaning the quality and consistency of the Qwikmix™ mortar can be guaranteed and customers can expect to receive the same quality every time.

Efficiency - The second aspect is the efficiency of the Qwikmix™ mortars which enable optimum usage of the material supporting very high productivity levels: which in turn will save time and therefore cost. One of the most important drivers for the growth of Qwikmix™ mortar was its very high efficiency. Using Qwikmix™ mortar enables the use of machines for application which can result in huge time savings and more efficient use of material: this in turn supports very high productivity and therefore time and cost savings.

Sustainability - The third aspect is the extended durability can enable long term performance and low maintenance which is a major consideration for more sustainable buildings. This can also have a huge positive impact on cost savings. Qwikmix™ products can be designed to meet various end-use requirements such as different climatic conditions, temperature variations, different substrates etc. and can therefore be designed to survive different weather conditions.

Qwikmix™ products are innovative and bring intelligent solutions to construction sites:

  1. 1. Improved quality and consistency
  2. 2. Less storage space
  3. 3. Ease of handling – just add water
  4. 4. Very low wastage of material at the site
  5. 5. Low dust formation
  6. 6. Ease of application
  7. 7. Helps ensure application safety and reliability
  8. 8. Less consumption of cement due to thinner layers
  9. 9. Optimum use of material
  10. 10. Reduction in construction cost and time.